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University of Minnesota Libraries
499 Wilson Library
309 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota  55455
(612) 624-3321 (voice)
(612) 626-9353 (fax)

Library Administration

(612) 624-1807Wendy Pradt Lougee
University Librarian
(612) 624-4520Libraries Central Administration Office
(612) 624-4362John Butler
Associate University Librarian for Data & Technology
(612) 625-9148Mark Engebretson
Director of Communications
(612) 626-7573Shaan Hamilton
Director of Finance and Facilities
(612) 624-2839Valerie Horton
Director, MINITEX
(612) 626-7039Janice Jaguszewski
Associate University Librarian and Director, Health Sciences Libraries
(612) 626-4357Kate McCready
Interim Co-Associate University Librarian for Content & Collections
(612) 624-8207Katherine McGill
Director of Development
(612) 624-9338Sarah Segura
Assistant to the University Librarian
(612) 626-7960Charles Spetland
Interim Co-Associate University Librarian for Content & Collections
(612) 301-1397Claire Stewart
Associate University Librarian for Research & Learning
(612) 624-5802Sheri Stone
Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development