Friday, October 18, 2013

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Acknowledging that we are all part of a gender culture that discriminates against some while privileging others, we invite you to participate in a discussion with trans, gender non-conforming, and two-spirit identified panelists who seek to “flip the frame” about gender identity. One aim is to increase knowledge and end social isolation, exploitation, and trauma that gender-non-conforming individuals experience. Many Americans face healthcare quality and affordability issues, but medical equity is especially critical for transgender people since most plans have discriminatory exclusions for trans-related care. Legal rights are also crucial as transgender people face higher incidences of exploitation, depression, job fragility, and personal safety issues. Engage in this discussion and leave with greater understanding about community issues and yourself.

This is a companion to the Office for Equity and Diversity's Critical Conversations about Diversity and Social Justice series at the University of Minnesota. Co-sponsored by the University Libraries.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, check out some of the highlighted resources.

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Transgender Awareness Project The Trans* Awareness Project is a poster and digital media campaign that attempts to challenge stereotypes and cultivate an environment which celebrates and respects people of all genders. This campaign aims to break down barriers between communities and establish positive social change by showcasing empowering snapshots of local trans* communities and bringing attention to the challenges that many trans* people face in daily life.



MJ Gilbert, Instructor, University of Minnesota School of Social Work.