Friday, April 17, 2015

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For millennia, humans have had complex relationships with animals. They have served humans as a source of food, tools, clothing, and scientific research; they have provided labor, transportation, and companionship, and in certain cultures, they are seen as inspirational, even sacred. This conversation explores animal/human emotional, physical, and cognitive connections and addresses specific questions and issues involved in the use of service animals that work with people with disabilities. It also provides important information about the differences among service animals, emotional support animals, and therapy animals. Join us for a conversation that expands our understanding of animal roles, care, and relationships with their human owners and handlers.


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White Paper


Therapy Dog Visits Patients At The ‘U’, Helps With Recovery



  • Eileen Bohn, Cofounder and Program Director, Helping Paws
  • Jay Wilson, Access Consultant - Student Access,
  • Susan O’Connor-Von, University of Minnesota Associate Professor of Nursing and registered animal-assisted therapy handler
  • Pia Sass, medically retired attorney and community participant



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