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Job Code Job Code Description Experts Description Profile Visibility
7203P3 Grants/Cntrcts Prof 3 Grants/Contracts Professional Restricted
7203P4 Grants/Cntrcts Prof 4 Grants/Contracts Professional Restricted
7203ZA Grants/Cntrcts Mgr 1 No Entry Grants/Contracts Manager Restricted
7352P2 Research Professional 2 Supv Research Professional/Supervisor Restricted
7352P3 Research Professional 3 Supv Research Professional/Supervisor Restricted
7352P4 Research Professional 4 Supv Research Professional/Supervisor Restricted
7352R3 Researcher 3 Supervisor Researcher/Supervisor Public
7352R4 Researcher 4 Supervisor Researcher/Supervisor Public
7352ZA Research Support Mgr 2 No Ent Research Support Manager Restricted
7352ZB Research Support Mgr 1 No Ent Research Support Manager Restricted
7352ZC Research Prof 4 Supv No Entry Research Professional/Supervisor Restricted
7352ZD Research Manager 2 No Entry Research Manager Public
7352ZE Research Manager 1 No Entry Research Manager Public
7352ZF Researcher  3 Supv No Entry Researcher/Supervisor Public
8203P2 Grants/Cntrcts Prof 2 Grants/Contracts Professional Restricted
8203P3 Grants/Cntrcts Prof 3 Grants/Contracts Professional Restricted
8203P4 Grants/Cntrcts Prof 4 Grants/Contracts Professional Restricted
8203ZB Grants/Cntrcts Prof 3 No Entry Grants/Contracts Professional Restricted
8203ZC Grants/Cntrcts Prof 4 No Entry Grants/Contracts Professional Restricted
8352P1 Research Professional 1 Research Professional Restricted
8352P2 Research Professional 2 Research Professional Restricted
8352P3 Research Professional 3 Research Professional Restricted
8352P4 Research Professional 4 Research Professional Restricted
8352R1 Researcher 1 Researcher Public
8352R2 Researcher 2 Researcher Public
8352R3 Researcher 3 Researcher Public
8352R4 Researcher 4 Researcher Public
8352ZA Research Project Spec 2 No Ent Research Project Specialist Restricted
8352ZB Research Project Spec 1 No Ent Research Project Specialist Restricted
8352ZC Research Professional 3 No Ent Research Professional Restricted
8352ZD Researcher 7 No New Entry Researcher Public
8352ZE Researcher 6 No New Entry Researcher Public
8352ZF Researcher 5 No New Entry Researcher Public
8352ZG Researcher 4 No New Entry Researcher Public
8352ZH Researcher 3 No New Entry Researcher Public
8352ZK Researcher 5 No New Entry Researcher Public
8352ZL Research Professional 4 No NE Research Professional Restricted
8415A3 Museum Associate 3 Museum Associate Public
8415ZA Library Prog Spec1 No Entry Library Program Specialist Public
8415ZC Museum Associate 3 No Entry Museum Associate Public
8416A2 Library Associate 2 Library Associate Public
8416A3 Library Associate 3 Library Associate Public
8416ZA Library Associate 2 No Entry Library Associate Public
8416ZB Library Associate 3 No Entry Library Associate Public
9301 President President Public
9302 Vice President Vice President Public
9303 Associate Vice President Associate Vice President Public
9304 Assistant Vice President Assistant Vice President Public
9305 Chancellor Chancellor Public
9308 Vice Chancellor Vice Chancellor Public
9309 Associate Vice Chancellor Associate Vice Chancellor Public
9310 Assistant Vice Chancellor Assistant Vice Chancellor Public
9311 Dean Dean Public
9312 Associate Dean Associate Dean Public
9313 Assistant Dean Assistant Dean Public
9314 University Librarian University Librarian Public
9319 Exec Vice President/Provost Executive Vice President/Provost Public
9322 Associate Vice Provost Associate Vice Provost Public
9323 Assistant Vice Provost Assistant Vice Provost Public
9327 Senior Vice President Senior Vice President Public
9328 Vice Provost Vice Provost Public
9329 Chief of Staff, Ofc of Pres Chief of Staff Public
9330 Director (U-Wide) No New Entry Director Public
9332 Deputy Chief of Staff, Pres Deputy Chief of Staff Public
9334 Dir Camp/Col Lvl No New Entry Director Public
9335 Assoc Dir Cmp/Col No New Entry Associate Director Public
9336 Asst Dir Cmp/Col No New Entry Assistant Director Public
9337 Dept Director No New Entry Department Director Public
9338 Assoc Dept Dir No New Entry Associate Department Director Public
9339 Asst Dept Dir No New Entry Assistant Department Director Public
9340 Program Director No New Entry Program Director Public
9340D1 Education Program Director 1 Education Program Director Public
9340FR Leader (With Faculty Rank) Leader Public
9341 Assoc Program Dir No New Entry Associate Program Director Public
9341A1 Admin Consultant/Analyst 1 Consultant/Analyst Restricted
9341A2 Admin Consultant/Analyst 2 Consultant/Analyst Restricted
9341A3 Admin Consultant/Analyst 3 Consultant/Analyst Restricted
9341D1 Administrative Director 1 Administrative Director Public
9341D2 Administrative Director 2 Administrative Director Public
9341M1 Administrative Manager 1 Manager Public
9341M2 Administrative Manager 2 Manager Public
9341M3 Administrative Manager 3 Manager Public
9343 Head,Resrch/OutrchCtr No Entry Head Public
9348 Communications Dept Director Communications Department Director Public
9354D1 Research Director 1 Research Director Restricted
9354M1 Research Manager 1 Research Manager Public
9354M2 Research Manager 2 Research Manager Public
9354M3 Research Manager 3 Research Manager Public
9354N2 Research Nurse Manager 2 Research Nurse Manager Restricted
9354S1 Research Support Manager 1 Research Support Manager Public
9354S2 Research Support Manager 2 Research Support Manager Public
9354S3 Research Support Manager 3 Research Support Manager Public
9360 Chair (With Faculty Rank) Chair Public
9361 Head (With Faculty Rank) Head Public
9362 Director (With Faculty Rank) Director Public
9363D1 Library and Museum Director 1 Library and Museum Director Public
9363D2 Library and Museum Director 2 Library and Museum Director Public
9363M1 Library/Museum Manager 1 Library/Museum Manager Public
9363M2 Library and Museum Manager 2 Library/Museum Manager Public
9369D1 Grants & Contracts Dir 1 Grants/Contracts Director Restricted
9369M1 Grants/Cntrcts Mgr 1 Grants/Contract Manager Restricted
9369M2 Grants/Cntrcts Mgr 2 Grants/Contract Manager Restricted
9369ZA Grants/Cntrcts Prof 4 No Entry Grants/Contract Manager Restricted
9401 Professor Professor Public
9401A Adjunct Professor Adjunct Professor Restricted
9401AR Adjunct Research Professor Adjunct Research Professor Restricted
9401C Clinical Professor Clinical Professor Public
9401R Research Professor Research Professor Public
9401T Teaching Professor Teaching Professor Public
9402 Associate Professor Associate Professor Public
9402A Adjunct Associate Professor Adjunct Associate Professor Restricted
9402AR Adjunct Research Assoc Prof Adjunct Research Associate Professor Restricted
9402C Clinical Associate Professor Clinical Associate Professor Public
9402R Research Associate Professor Research Associate Professor Public
9402T Teaching Associate Professor Teaching Associate Professor Public
9403 Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Public
9403A Adjunct Assistant Professor Adjunct Assistant Professor Restricted
9403AC Adjunct Clinical Asst Prof Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor Restricted
9403AR Adjunct Research Asst Prof Adjunct Research Assistant Professor Restricted
9403C Clinical Assistant Professor Clinical Assistant Professor Public
9403R Research Assistant Professor Research Assistant Professor Public
9403T Teaching Assistant Professor Teaching Assistant Professor Public
9410 Regents Professor Regents Professor Public
9519 PhD Candidate Teaching Asst Teaching Assistant Restricted
9521 Research Assistant Research Assistant Restricted
9524 UGrad Rsrch Asst(Non-Univ Stu) Undergraduate Research Assistant Restricted
9526 Graduate Research Project Assistant Research Project Assistant Restricted
9527 Ph D Cand Grad Rsrch Proj Asst Research Project Assistant Restricted
9528 Advanced Masters Research Asst Research Project Assistant Restricted
9529 PhD Candidate Research Asst Research Assistant Restricted
9540 Pharmacy Associate Pharmacy Associate Public
9545 Pre-Doctoral Assistant Pre-Doctoral Assistant Public
9546 Post-Doctoral Associate Post-Doctoral Associate Public
9553 Dental Fellow Dental Fellow Public
9554 Medical Fellow - Grad Prog Medical Fellow Public
9555 Medical Fellow Medical Fellow Public
9557 Psychology Fellow Psychology Fellow Public
9558 Psychology Fellow Specialist Psychology Fellow Specialist Public
9621 Extension Professor Extension Professor Public
9622 Associate Extension Professor Associate Extension Professor Public
9623 Assistant Extension Professor Assistant Extension Professor Public
9625 Extension Educator Extension Educator Restricted
9625SC Associate Extension Educator Associate Extension Educator Restricted
9625ST Assistant Extension Educator Assistant Extension Educator Restricted
9701 Senior Research Associate Senior Research Associate Public
9702 Research Assoc No New Entry Research Associate Public
9703 Research Fellow No New Entry Research Fellow Public
9710 Hormel Fellow Hormel Fellow Public
9713 Librarian Librarian Public
9714 Associate Librarian Associate Librarian Public
9715 Assistant Librarian Assistant Librarian Public
9715S1 Library Program Specialist 1 Library Program Specialist Public
9735 Senior Attorney Senior Attorney Public
9739 Curator Curator Public
9740 Associate Curator Associate Curator Public
9742N1 Research Nurse Provider 1 Research Nurse Provider Restricted
9742R5 Researcher 5 Researcher Public
9742R6 Researcher 6 Researcher Public
9742R7 Researcher 7 Researcher Public
9742S1 Research Project Specialist 1 Research Project Specialist Public
9742S2 Research Project Specialist 2 Research Project Specialist Public
9742S3 Research Project Specialist 3 Research Project Specialist Public
9742ZA Research Professional 4 No Ent Research Professional Restricted
9742ZB Researcher 4 No New Entry Researcher Public
9742ZC Researcher 3 No New Entry Researcher Public
9742ZD Research Prof 4 Supv No New Research Professional Restricted
9742ZE Research Professional 3 No New Research Professional Restricted
9743 Sr Research Fellow No Entry Senior Research Fellow Public
9745S1 Education Program Spec 1 Education Program Specialist Restricted
9745S2 Education Program Spec 2 Education Program Specialist Restricted
9745S3 Education Program Spec 3 Education Program Specialist Restricted
9745S4 Education Program Spec 4 Education Program Specialist Public
9751 Senior Fellow Senior Fellow Public
9752 Fellow Fellow Public
9753T Lecturer/Assistant Professor Lecturer/Assistant Professor Public
9755 Research Specialist Research Specialist Public
9755R5 Researcher 5 Researcher Public
9755R6 Researcher 6 Researcher Public
9755R7 Researcher 7 Researcher Public
9790B2 Business/Systems Analyst 2 Business/Systems Analyst Restricted
9790B3 Business/Systems Analyst 3 Business/Systems Analyst Restricted
9790B4 Business/Systems Analyst 4 Business/Systems Analyst Restricted
9790T2 Academic Technologist 2 Academic Technologist Restricted
9790T3 Academic Technologist 3 Academic Technologist Restricted
9790T4 Academic Technologist 4 Academic Technologist Restricted