Assistant Director, Minitex

Minitex, Wilson Library, Room 60G


Jolie O. Graybill joined Minitex in September 2014 as assistant director for Digital Initiatives & Metadata Education. The DIME unit is responsible for education and training related to digital, cataloging, and metadata education as well as core support for the Minnesota Digital Library. Prior to joining Minitex, Jolie served in two different positions at University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries for a tenure of nine years: first as a multicultural services librarian, where she supported faculty and students in ethnic and multicultural studies; and second as image & multimedia collections coordinator and associate professor where she promoted, supported, and coordinated UNL Libraries digital collections. She also worked at Northern Arizona University’s Cline Library for two years as academic programs librarian/social and behavioral sciences team leader.


PhD, Managerial Leadership in the Information Professions, Simmons University
MA, Library and Information Science, University of Arizona
MEd, University of Minnesota
BS, Journalism, University of Kansas

Awards & Grants

2013-2014 ARL Leadership Career Development Program Fellow
2011-2013 ARL Visiting Program Officer
2006/07 ALA Emerging Leaders Program
2006 ALA Diversity Research Grant
2006 Minnesota Institute for Early Career Librarians
2004-2005 ARL Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce Scholar
2004-2005 University of Arizona Knowledge River Scholar

Service to Professional Organizations

• ACRL New Roles & Changing Landscape Committee, 2016-20; Vice-chair 2018-19; Chair 2019-20
• ARL Visiting Program Officer, 2011-2013
• DPLA Member Network Council, 2017-present
• University of Arizona Knowledge River Steering Committee, 2006-present
• ALA Spectrum Jury Selection Committee 2010-2012
• ARL Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce Mentor, 2017/2018 and 2007/2008
• International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) SIG-Indigenous Matters Task Force, 2010-present
• ALA Committee on Rural, Native and Tribal Libraries of All Kinds, intern 2007-2008

Selected Presentations & Publications

Deards, K. D., Graybill, J. O. (2014). The role of professional protocols: recruitment, retention, and service. In Deards, K. & Springs, G. R. (Eds.), Succession Planning and Implementation in Libraries: Practices and Resources. Hershey, PA: IGI-Global.

Graybill, J.O. (2014). Millennials among the professional workforce in academic libraries: Their  perspective on leadership. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 40(1), 10-15.  doi:

Graybill, J.O., Carpenter, M., Offord, J., Piorun, M., & Shaffer, G. (2013). Employee onboarding:  Identification of best practices in ACRL libraries. Library Management, 34(3). 

Graybill, J. O., & Bicknell-Holmes, T. (2013). Location, location, location: impact of IM widget placement. College and Undergraduate Libraries, Summer. 

Carpenter, M. & Graybill, J.O. & Jerome Offord Jr & Piorun, M.(2011). Envisioning the library's role in scholarly communication in the Year 2025. portal: Libraries and the Academy 11(2), 659-681. The Johns Hopkins University Press. 

Martin, C. K., Maxey-Harris, C., Graybill, J.O., & Rodacker-Borgens, E. K. (2009). Closing the gap: Investigating the search skills of international and US students: an exploratory study. Library Philosophy & Practice, 2009. 1-17. 

Scholarly Presentations:
• Developing Staff Talent and Future Leaders, accepted presentation, OCLC ARC19 Library Futures Conference; Phoenix, AZ, Oct. 2019.

• The Changing Workforce: Preparing the Next Generation for Leadership, Oberlin Group Fall Meeting; Lewisburg, PA, Oct. 2019.

• Recalibrating for Stronger Leadership, Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference; Prior Lake, MN, Sept. 2019.

• The Digital Collection Differentiator, accepted presentation, OCLC Americas Regional Council Meeting; Baltimore, MD, Oct. 29-31, 2017.

• From Kaleidoscope to Digital Initiatives: Observation to Action, invited Keynote 2-hour session, Mobius  Annual Conference; Columbia, MO, June 6-7, 2017.

• Describing Your Resources: the Why, What, and How, submitted/accepted 4-hour seminar to 10 attendees, Convening Great Lakes Culture Keepers Institute; Mount Pleasant, MI, Oct. 26-29, 2015.