Manager, InfoNOW (Assistant Librarian)

316 Diehl Hall

I joined InfoNOW in May of 2009, shortly after the merger of Engineering, Science, and Technology Information Services (ESTIS) and Biomedical Information Service (BIS). Prior to joining InfoNOW, I was active in library research, competitive intelligence, and market research activities in various domains including; financial services, energy, publishing, and consulting.

I am interested in all elements of research (primary and secondary). My research methods tend to blend disciplines. I am pragmatically agnostic in this regard. My experience as a researcher has been to acknowledge the limitations of the work that is available, then develop models that make the most sense from the evidence available (to paraphrase Sir Arthur Doyle).


B.A., Philosophy, University of Vermont

M.S.L.I.S., Library Sciences, Simmons College