Valerie Horton

Director, Minitex

15 Andersen Library

Valerie has been director of Minitex since December 2012. Minitex serves Minnesota and North and South Dakota libraries with a large resource sharing network, databases, continuing education, remote storage, and many other services. Valerie is also the co-general editor for Collaborative Librarianship, and wrote Moving Materials for ALA Publications. Prior to working at Minitex, she was the first director of the Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC), a statewide library service organization. Before CLiC, Valerie was Director of the Library at Mesa State College in Grand Junction for seven years. She came to Mesa State after ten years at New Mexico State University where she was Head of Systems, and for a time, Library Budget Director/Associate Director. During her tenure in New Mexico, Valerie received an ALA International Fellowship and spent a year in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, where she consulted on how to automate the country’s public, school and government libraries. She started her professional career as a systems librarian at Brown University in Providence, RI, after graduated and working in Systems at the University of Hawaii.

Selected Presentations & Publications