In July 2016, Andersen Horticultural Library acquired a plate book, circa-1903, from the William C. Moore & Co. in Newark, NY.  This flip-top book contains over 82 plates or images, including fruits, trees, and flowers.

A selection from Andersen Horticultural Library’s rare book collection is a folio titled A Monograph of the Odontophorinae, or Partridges of America (1850) by John Gould. 

AHL’s special collection includes two related caricature books, the 1847 book Les Fleurs Animèes by J.J. Grandville, published in Paris, and its 1849 English translation The Flowers Personified : being a translation of Grandville's "Les Fleurs Animées," published in New York. These volumes are a collection of stories illustrated with 52 hand-colored engravings of floral characters.

Pteridomania, or Fern fever, was a Victorian craze in Britain from the 1850s to the 1890s. Ferns were items of interest to both professional and amateur botanists, as they had been less studied than other groups of plants.  Hobbyists were eager to identify ferns, collect them, and adorn just about everything with their images. During this time period, Thomas Moore’s 1859 book, The Octavo Nature-printed British Ferns, was published in two volumes.

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