The Andersen Horticultural Library and its collections were conceived and built through the vision and generous support of the late Governor Elmer L. Andersen and his wife, Eleanor, who were long interested in horticulture and book collecting. Construction of the library wing in the Snyder Building was completed in the fall of 1973 and formally dedicated in June 1974. Since its creation, the library has served as a regional research library for horticulture.

In 1988, Governor Andersen dedicated a new addition, which includes a climate-controlled space to house rare and fragile texts, historic seed and nursery catalogs and botanical artwork. Many of the rare texts housed at the Andersen Horticultural Library are gifts of Elmer and Eleanor Andersen from their personal collection of horticultural and natural history books.


Elmer and Eleanor Andersen August 5, 2000


Climate-controlled room at Andersen Horticultural Library



Lilies from the Temple of Flora (1799) by Robert Thornton 

Plumeria from Plantae Selectae (1750) by Christoph Jakob Trew.