Plant Information Online will be retired on May 16. If you need assistance finding a source or citation for a particular plant, please contact The University of Minnesota Andersen Horticultural Library by email at: or by phone at: 612-301-1239.

Plant Information Online

a free web service from the University of Minnesota Libraries

Wondering where to order the best marigold seeds? Want to locate a photo of the latest rose you heard about or a drawing of the heirloom tomato variety your grandma grew in her garden? Start your search with Plant Information Online, one of the world's largest resources for botanical and horticultural information. It hosts a collection of databases of interest to plant and gardening enthusiasts, as well as botanists, horticulturists, and plant scholars. 

Plant Information Online offers:

  • Information on where to purchase plants and seeds, with shipping sources for more than 100,000 plants from more than 1,000 North American plant suppliers (the largest listing currently cultivated in North America)
  • Contact information and links for over 2,700 North American retail and wholesale seed and nursery firms
  • Bibliographic details for almost 400,000 images of wild and cultivated plants from around the works in botanical and horticultural books and magazines from 1982 to the present.

In 2011, the UM Libraries' Plant Information Online was selected as one of the MARS Best Free Reference Web Sites of 2011. MARS is the "MARS: Emerging Technologies in Reference" section of the Reference and User Services Association of the American Library Association (ALA).