Current Featured Exhibit

Sense of Place in Artist Books

October 12 – December 12, 2012
Opening reception,
Friday, October 19, 6 to 8 p.m.
Architecture & Landscape Architecture Library
Rapson Hall

Guest Curator, Karen Kinoshita
Exhibit Coordinator, Deborah Ultan Boudewyns

Spatial and conceptual constructions yield fascinating constellations of the meaning of place in the almost 100 artists books on exhibit in the Architecture & Landscape Architecture Library, from October 12-December 12, 2012.

Within this international exhibition of artist books, a sense of place is represented in almost limitless ways. The books may be specific to a personal time, a world created, a place of advocacy, a space to heal trauma, or the documentation of journeys. Artists books offer strikingly unique environments for exploring ideas as well as means for communicating beyond those of the traditional book.

Of the conceptual books increasingly prevalent in the field of artists books, many stretch the definition of what makes a book. Our minds are pushed to make acrobatic stretches as we struggle to interpret what we see — Is that a book? How far can I go? And as the edges of our understanding are pulled, a viewer is won or lost in new ideas.

Supported by the University Libraries and Department of Landscape Architecture

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