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Calendar 2014-2015: Consortium for the Study of the Pre-Modern World


All events will be held at 12:00 p.m. at the James Ford Bell Library unless otherwise noted (**). Sessions may involve pre-circulated papers.

Additional information about these events , as well as other premodern events on campus, can be found at: http://premodern.umn.edu. Contact us at premod@umn.edu with questions.

Spring 2015


  • 28    Talking Terms Seminar: "Designating 'Asia' and the 'Premodern'," Travis Workman, Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Minnesota


  • 4    Talking Terms Seminar: "Sexuality and the 'New World'," Cathy Yandell, Dept of French, Carleton College
  • 11    Talking Terms Seminar: "Period. Question Mark," Nita Krevans, Classical and Near Eastern Studies (CNES), University of Minnesota
  • 18    Talking Terms Seminar: "Temporality, Historicity, and Experience: Paradigms for (Re)Thinking the Premodern," Daniel Brewer, French and Italian, University of Minnesota
  • 25    Talking Terms Seminar: "The Culture of Premodernity," Andrew Gallia, History and CNES, University of Minnesota
  • 26**    Panel Discussion: "Beyond the Modernist Understanding of Consciousness," hosted by CSPW and the Center for Cognitive Sciences (CCS), with Daniel Smail (History, Harvard), Nicole Scott (CCS, UMN), Jan Estep (Art, UMN), Matt Chafee (Neuroscience, UMN)


  • 11     Talking Terms Seminar: "The Time of the Image," Michael Gaudio, Art History, University of Minnesota
  • 18    Spring Break
  • 25    Digital Premodern Research Workshop: "The Romanesque Cathedral and Town of Santiago de Compostela, Galicia (Spain), ca. 1211: A Real-Time Virtual Reality Reconstruction," John Dagenais, Spanish and Portuguese, UCLA
  • 26     CSWP Mediterranean Research Workshop with John Dagenais, Spanish and Portuguese, UCLA


  • 1   Talking Terms Seminar: "What Do We Think the Ancient State Was, and Why? Theories and Evidence of Pristine States," Eva von Dassow, CNES, University of Minnnesota
  • 4**    Premodern Digital Research Workshop: "Where Can I Fit into the World of Digital Humanities? A Conversation," with Justin Schell, UMN Libraries, and Austin Mason, Carleton College
  • 8    Talking Terms Seminar: "Posthuman Middle Ages," Mary Franklin Brown, French and Italian, University of Minnesota
  • 16**    Talking Terms Seminar: "Significant Technologies: New Approaches to the Early Modern History of the World," Francesca Bray, Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh
  • 16**    CMS Lecture: "Shrewd in Counsel, Powerful in Eloquence: countess Ermengard of Brittany (c. 1070-1148)," Amy Livingston, History, Wittenburg University; co-sponsored by the CSPW Research Workshop Program
  • 22    Talking Terms Seminar: "Adaptation: Premodern Texts in the Postmodern World," Katherine Scheil, English, University of Minnesota
  • 22**    Lecture 1 of 2: "Caesar and Augustus: Archaeology of the Roman Conquest," Manuel Fernández-Götz, Chancellor Fellow in Archaeology, University of Edinburgh
  • 22**    Lecture 2 of 2: "Identity in Iron Age Europe: Looking Backwards and Looking Forward," Manuel Fernández-Götz, Chancellor Fellow in Archaeology, University of Edinburgh
  • 29    Talking Terms Seminar: "Chronotypes," Amit Yahav, English, University of Minnesota


  • TBA     CSPW Research Workshop End-of-Year Meeting

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