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The Bembos of Venice:  Merchants, Diplomats, and a Knight of Malta

September 12, 2016 through January 13, 2017

As part of our semester-long series, "Celebrating Venice: At the Center," this exhibit features the Bembo family, a noble merchant family that produced statesmen, diplomats, and princes of the Church.  Correspondence discussing 15th-century trade in both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, books written by Pietro Bembo, a scholar, cardinal, and Knight of Malta, and a travel narrative by Ambrosio Bembo, a 17th-century member of the family, are featured in the exhibition.  We are grateful to the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library and Alcuin Library at Saint John's University, Collegeville, MN, for the loan of several of the Pietro Bembo materials.

At Andersen Library

November 7, 2016 through March 24, 2017: Framing Humanity Past and Present: Celebrating 100 Years of Anthropology at the University of Minnesota

Exploring the human past through a scientific lens is a practice that began in the 18th- century “Age of Enlightenment,” although classical, medieval and Renaissance scholars also displayed interest in other cultures and recorded their thoughts and finding.  Nevertheless, it is to the 18th century that most anthropologists trace their discipline’s roots. 

This exhibition juxtaposes text and images from the James Ford Bell Library’s early modern collection with text and images from the archives of the Department of Anthropology—documenting this ‘scientific’ interest in humanity’s past and the history of anthropology as a discipline at the University of Minnesota.


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October 16, 2017 through January 16, 2018   Theurerdank: Travel, Romance and the Art of Printing in the Holy Roman Empire, 1450-1517


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Painting of Pietro Bembo as a Knight of Malta, ca. 1532-1537.
Lucas Cranach the Younger