Scheduling Class Visits:

Contact the curator, Marguerite Ragnow, at or 612.624.6895.

We welcome visits of both undergraduate and graduate classes.

Generally, class visits take two forms:

  • presentations
  • interactive sessions

Presentations are general introductions to the Bell Library and its collection, made by the curatorial staff. The materials presented are tailored to the topic of your class, either generally--at the discretion of the curator--or more specifically, in consultation with you. Five or six items are chosen; presenting them generally takes 50-60 minutes, depending on the time you've allowed for the visit.

Interactive sessions begin with a brief introduction to the Library and presentation of specific materials chosen for the session. The students spend the bulk of their time working on an exercise using those materials. You may develop the project and select the materials yourself or work with the curator.

Schedule at least one month in advance, preferably before the semester begins—the calendar fills up quickly.

Creating Class Assignments Using Bell Materials

Oral reports, research papers, reaction papers—there are numerous possibilities. Contact the curator to discuss ideas and recommendations: or 612.624.6895.  We're happy to work with you to design an assignment that best suits the learning outcomes you wish to address.

Research at the Bell
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