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Charles H. Parker Professor Charles Parker, Department of History, Saint Louis University, was the James Ford Bell Research Fellow for 2012. He used the Bell collection to conduct research for his monograph, The Wonders of the Wider World: Dutch Calvinism Overseas and European Protestantism, 1600-1800, which focuses on Calvinist (Reformed Protestant) engagement with non-European, non-Christian societies around the world during the height of the Dutch maritime empire. Published ethnographic and travel accounts from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, such as those in the Bell Library collection, will form a core, evidentiary basis for the book.

Professor Parker earned his Ph.D. in history at the University of Minnesota in 1993. He was the recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities fellowship (2010-2011) and is the Eugene A. Hotfelder Professorship in the Humanities at Saint Louis. His most recent books are Faith on the margins : Catholics and Catholicism in the Dutch Golden Age (Cambridge, 2008), and Global Interactions in the Early Modern World, 1400-1800 (Cambridge, 2010).

Elizabeth Sutton, University of Northern Iowa, was the recipient of the Bell Library's 2012 William Reese Company Fellowship in the History of Print in the Americas.

Professor Sutton, a member of the Art History faculty at UNI, researched her project "Mapping Dutch Identity in the Atlantic, 1621-1677," during her fellowship. She examined images and texts "to explain how the Dutch depicted the colonial Atlantic in maps and town views" as part of a book project about how the Dutch used visual materials to reinforce their national identity. The project includes research into depictions of both New Holland (Dutch Brazil) and New Netherland, the Dutch colony on the north coast of North America.