Scheduling Class Visits:

Contact the curator at or 612.624.6895.

We welcome students of all ages to the Bell Library. It also is possible to schedule a Show & Tell session at your school.

Polar BearClass Visits: We encourage class visits, but due to space limitations and the nature of the material, visitors must be limited to groups of 20. However, it is possible to divide larger groups and schedule two alternating presentations, or a presentation and an exhibit tour, depending on the number of adults available for supervision and the number of staff members available. Visits of younger students, 3rd-4th grade, are best scheduled in conjunction with an exhibition. Visit content can be tailored to a subject your class is studying or can be general; we'll work with you to create the learning experience that best suits your students. Check our exhibit schedule.

Red Snake Sea MonsterShow & Tell Visit to Your School: A Show & Tell visit to your school by the Bell Library curator would introduce students to maps and rare books through the use of facsimiles and reproductions. Using an online connection, the curator also can instruct students in searching the Bell Web site for images and other information. A power point presentation of particular items in the collection also is a possibility. We'll work with you to tailor the presentation to your needs.

Visit the Maps and Mapmakers Web site for materials that could be integrated into your classes. And don't hesitate to contact us if you can be of any assistance.

Albino Squirrel

Albino Squirrel

From Olaus Magnus' 1539 map of Scandinavia

A facsimile of the entire 9-panel, full color map can be part of a visit to your class!

History Day

Barbary Pirate

A special topical prize is offered by the Associates of the James Ford Bell Library for History Day projects that reflect the Library's focus--the history and impact of European expansion and cross-cultural interaction before ca. 1800--and tie it to the History Day theme. [ Learn More ]