Cassini, Jacques, 1677-1756

Planisphere terrestre : suivant les nouvelles observations des astronomes / dressé et présente au roy tres Chretien par Mr. Cassini le fils, de l' Academie Royale des Sciences = Planispherium terrestre, secundum recentiores astronomorum. Observationes A. D. Cavallini filio, Regie Scientiarum Academiae Socio, deline atum. Leide : chez Pierre Vander Aa, [1713].

Map size: 55 x 66 cm. (map: 52 cm. diameter)

This map is based on sightings of eclipses of the satellites of Jupiter from over forty stations all over the world, giving for the first time more precise latitude readings of these stations. Because of this, the map is considered the first truly “scientific” map of the world. The stations are marked with an asterisk on the map. The projection is azimuthal equidistant, centered on the North Pole. The prime meridian is the island of Tenerife. Van der Aa copied Cassini's original and added large classical figures in the four corners. Colored, this map is a stunning example of the cartographer's art, and of maps produced by the Cassini family.

Catalog record and call number: TC Wilson Library Bell 1713 mCa Non-Circulating