Mortier, Pierre (Darien inset)

Rade de Darien et les isles aux environs, inset from: Mortier, Pieter. Carte particuliere de Isthmus, ou Darien, qui comprend le Golfe de Panama &c. Cartagene, et les isles aux environs. Amsterdam, Pierre Mortier [ca. 1698].

Map size: 48 x 20 cm.

Hand colored insert map showing the area of the Scots' colony of Darien. The full map measures 61 x 85 cm. The map represents developments of the Scottish colony at New Edinburgh or New Caledonia. Mortier's ability to acquire the detailed information shown on the map during the brief life of the colony may have been due to his brother's residence in London during 1698-99.

Catalog record and call number: TC Wilson Library Bell 1698 mMo Non-Circulating