Moullart-Sanson, Pierre

Hemisphere septentrional du globe terrestre veu en plan, contenant l'Asie, ptie. de l'Afriq., l'Europe, l'Amerique septle. ptie. de l'Amerique meridle., et les terres Arctiques / par le sr. Moullart-Sanson, geog. ordin. du roi. [Paris? : s.n., 1704]

Map size: 27 x 30 cm.

Pierre Moullart-Sanson was the grandson of Nicolas Sanson and the uncle of Gilles Robert de Vaugondy. He began making maps in 1693. This polar projection extending to the equator is in outline form with few interior details. California is an island and the northwest Pacific coast is undefined.

Catalog record and call number: TC Wilson Library Bell 1704 mMo Non-Circulating