Ogilby, John, 1600-1676 (Guinea)


Map size: 35 x 26 cm.

From: John Ogilby, 1600-1676. Africa : being an accurate description of the regions of Aegypt, Barbary, Lybia, and Billedulgerid, the land of Negroes, Guinee, Aethiopia, and the Abyssines, with all the adjacent islands, either in the Mediterranean, Atlantick, Southern, or Oriental Sea, belonging thereunto : with the several denominations of their coasts, harbors, creeks, rivers, lakes, cities, towns, castles, and villages : their customs, modes, and manners, languages, religions, and inexhaustible treasure... London : printed by Tho. Johnson for the author ..., 1670.

Catalog record and call number: TC Wilson Library Bell 1670 fOg