Need help reading and understanding medieval and early modern handwriting?

Jesuit ManuscriptJesuit Manuscript

We're creating the Rutherford Aris Online Paleography Resource Center just for you! This new online resource, which will launch in June 2013, will include Professor Aris' lectures on Latin Paleography, lists of books and research materials on medieval handwriting and culture held in the U of M Libraries special collections, and links to other guides and tutorials.

The many manuscripts in the Bell collection offer graduate students the opportunity to develop or hone their paleographic skills. Students may work in the library’s reading room, using the paleographic references and numerous period and other dictionaries and lexicons we have available, or sections of manuscripts can be copied (depending on their condition) so that you can work at home. We also can make arrangements for groups of students who want to work together. Faculty members interested in holding classes or workshops in paleography should contact the curator or assistant curator.

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