Automated Cartographic Information Center

Established with a large federal grant and completely upgraded in Fall 2002 with substantial funding from the College of Liberal Arts, the Automated Cartographic Information Center (ACIC) is a state-of-the-art Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping and analysis laboratory.

Ten computer workstations are available to Borchert Map Library patrons for geographic research. Each workstation is equipped with a wide range of GIS and supporting software, providing access to the Borchert Map Library’s large and growing collection of digital geospatial data as well as data available via the Internet.

Equipment includes:

Feed-through sheet scanner (up to 44" wide)
Flat-bed (up to 11" x 17") and slide scanners
DVD and CD-ROM writeable drives
Color and B&W laser printer (printing fees apply)

Software includes:

ArcGIS & ArcGIS Pro


Adobe Elements

Microsoft Office 

Data includes:

ESRI Data and Maps, Aerial Imagery, and MetroGIS Parcels (via U-Spatial; UMN only)
Vector Map Level 0; click for a description of the data and regions
Commercial atlases on DVD and CD-ROM
Digital orthophoto quadrangles (DOQs) from USGS and the Metropolitan Council
GeoLytics - U.S. Census data from 1970-2010
Minnesota data, including natural resource and socio-economic data and imagery
Various U.S. government data, including USGS digital raster graphics (DRGs)