New! ProQuest Statistical DataSets:

Linked through the ProQuest Statistical platform or as a stand-alone product, the new Statistical DataSets interface makes it easy to access and analyze datasets from the U.S. Federal Government and state governments, international organizations, and commercial and other private publishers.

ProQuest Statistical DataSets aggregates hundreds of public domain datasets and several proprietary datafiles and makes that data available from within a single interface, enabling users to combine multiple datasets and customize tables and charts for themselves. Users scan the contents of these datasets, select subjects and variables of interest, and view the data in side-by-side tables and charts.

  • Customizable: The interface components work in sync with each other to allow users to build their own table and/or chart from the statistical datasets they are interested in.
  • Interactive: The interface is interactive, versatile, and easy to use. In its default mode, ProQuest Statistical DataSets shows a table with an accompanying trend-chart on a single topic (e.g. total U.S. population). By holding down the control key, users can add more subjects to the chart and table (e.g. black population or persons over 65) illustrating how trends for these particular groups compare to national totals.
  • Instant Results: Users just need to click on the topic they are interested in, and the data instantly displays in the Data Display panel.
  • Accurate Results: The data are reviewed and validated by teams of data analysts who consult with the content providers whenever discrepancies or anomalies are found.