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Full text PDFs for several Dime Novels are listed below. Additional digitized dime novels can be found at Northern Illinois University and the University of South Florida.

Highlight: Adventures with Intelligent Apes


Treasure of the Golden Crater from Adventure Library, No. 94, Street and Smith, 1928

First published in 1893, protagonists encounter small apes who live inside a volcano and offer human captives for sacrifice.

The Young Marooner from Brave and Bold Weekly, Street and Smith, 1908

This story is billed as the "American Robinson Crusoe." Edgar Rice Burroughs cited earlier stories like these as his inspiration for Tarzan of the Apes.

Frank Merriwell in Gorilla Land from Tip Top Library 1(28), October 24, 1896



More Digital Dime Novels


Frank Reade Library (1892-1898)

No. 1 (September 24, 1892)

No. 15 (December 31, 1892)

No. 19 (January 28, 1893)

Liberty Boys of 76 (1901-1925)

No. 424 (February 12, 1909)

No. 427 (March 5, 1909)

No. 429 (March 19, 1909)

Log Cabin Library (1889-1897)

No. 108 (April 9, 1891)

Nick Carter Stories (1891-1915)

No. 126 (February 6, 1915)

No. 129 (February 27, 1915)

No. 136 (April 17, 1915)

Wild West Weekly (1902-1927)

No. 536 (January 24, 1913)

No. 539 (February 14, 1913)