Digital Dime Novel Highlight: Adventures with Intelligent Apes

First published in 1893, protagonists encounter small apes who live inside a volcano and offer human captives for sacrifice.

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This story is billed as the "American Robinson Crusoe." Edgar Rice Burroughs cited earlier stories like these as his inspiration for Tarzan of the Apes.

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Treasure of the Golden Crater from Adventure Library No. 94, Street and Smith, 1928   "The Young Marooner" from Brave and Bold Weekly. Street and Smith, 1908.    
  "Frank Merriwell in Gorilla Land" from Tip Top Library 1(28), October 24, 1896. Download a PDF full-text version [396 KB]


More Digital dime Novels

The following are digital facsimiles of dime novels from various series in the Hess Collection. A PDF viewer is required. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader or use another reader.

The files are quite large (8 to 18 MB) but the color and texture--the pulp quality--of the dime novels is preserved.

Frank Reade Library (1892-1898)

No. 1 [13 MB]

No. 15 [8 MB]

No. 19 [8.5 MB]

Liberty Boys of 76 (1901-1925)

No. 424 [16.4 MB]

No. 427 [14.3 MB]

No. 429 [15.7 MB]

Log Cabin Library (1889-1897)

No. 108 [17.6 MB]



Nick Carter Stories (1891-1915)

No. 126 [14.6 MB]

No. 129 [14.2 MB]

No. 136 [13.5 MB]

Wild West Weekly (1902-1927)

No. 531 [17.5 MB]

No. 536 [16.8 MB]

No. 539 [15.6 MB]