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Resources for Teachers

Resources for teachers

Audiovisual Kits

All of the non-digital educational portfolios are available for a two-week loan period for a nonrefundable advance payment of $25. This fee covers the cost of insuring the original artwork and for boxing and maintaining the portfolio. Your canceled check or money order, payable to the University of Minnesota, will be your receipt. Portfolios must be reserved in advance by calling the Kerlan Collection at 612-624-4576 and be picked up and returned in person at a prearranged time during regular Kerlan hours (M-F, 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M.). There is an additional $5-per-day fee for late returns, and an added usage fee may be charged if the portfolio is returned damaged and/or with pieces missing. Portfolios can be sent by US mail, FedEx or UPS and returned at the borrower's expense to arrive the last day of the loan.

Debra Frasier
Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster has inspired a fascination with words and vocabulary since its publication in 2000. The reproductions of rough drafts, correspondence, artwork ideas, a large book dummy, and other miscellaneous items provide a thorough view of the book's creation.

Caddie Woodlawn is based on the childhood of the author’s grandmother as an early white settler in Wisconsin. The on-line presentation in power point format provides samples of the correspondence between Brink and her grandmother that gives a unique and transparent look at the process of writing historical fiction. Also included are historical photographs, original drafts of the story, background information on the setting and times of the story, a bibliography of related American Indian resources, and teaching activities.
Karen Hesse, Author (Digital)
The newest digital portfolio created by Beth Brendler explores the research process of Hesse in preparing for her book, Letters from Rifka (1992). This portfolio pulls together family and imigration history with authorship for grade school students. Go to the Karen Hesse Portfolio
 Censorship Portfolio (Digital) - The new censorship portfolio presents an overview of censorship using well-known children's and young adult literature. Then an anatomy of a book challenge is presented that focuses on Lois Lowry 's The Giver. Teaching ideas using the author's response and other cases are also offered. Thanks to PhD. candidate Beth Brendler for compiling this wonderful teaching tool. This portfolio is all digital. Go to the Censorship Portfolio

 Walter Dean Myers Portfolios (Digital) - Portfolios for both Monster and Bad Boy present teachers with a rich set of teaching ideas. Most of the materials are taken directly from Myer's manuscripts held by the Kerlan Collection. Thanks to PhD. candidate Beth Brendler for compiling this powerful teaching tool. This portfolio is all digital. Go to the Walter Dean Myers Portfolios

 Barbara Esbensen, Author & Poet
The Barbara Esbensen Poetry Portfolio is multi-media learning tool that uses the work of Barabara Esbensen to highlight her versatility as a writer, poet and storyteller. The kit is appropriate for grades 2 through 8 and teachers can adjust the content accordingly for their grade level. The portfolio can be used in two ways:
Option 1. Teachers can request a fully functional “hands-on box” kit from the Kerlan Collection (pick-up only, call 612-624-4576 or e-mail This kit contains all the lesson plans, books, transparencies, and supplements that a teacher will need.
Option 2. Teachers can download all of the supplementary material in PDF format from the Kerlan Collection’s web site. You can print out or use a projector to present this material to your class. You will need to provide the Esbensen books listed in the following lesson plans or you can request to borrow just the books from the Kerlan Collection. Just ask for the Esbensen “books only” box.
There is a pre-kit lesson contained in the downloads which could be used before either option or just used on its own. (DS)
Go to Esbensen Web page

Marion Dane Bauer, Author
Featuring Touch the Moon (1987). Included is correspondence with Bauer's editor at Clarion Books, James Cross Giblin, and his assessment of and recommendations for her manuscript, along with the first, second, and final drafts of selected chapters. Upper elementary children interested in writing will find these materials useful for making comparative analyses of this "realistic fantasy" and, in the process, they will become aware of the perseverance that is necessary in order to become a good writer. Two copies of Touch the Moon are included in the portfolio, along with a video about the author produced by Northern Lights. (CC)

Tomie dePaola, Author/Illustrator 
For use at all grade levels, this portfolio contains original manuscripts and illustrations of three books by this prolific writer/artist: The Kid's Cat Book (1979), Bill and Pete (1978), and Simple Pictures Are Best (1970). (MLV)

Marguerite Henry, Author
For use in the upper elementary and middle school grades, this portfolio includes laminated photocopies of the author's manuscript pages and Wesley Dennis' drawings for two books, Brighty: Of the Grand Canyon (1953) and Misty of Chincoteague (1947). (CC)
Barbara Knutson, Author/Illustrator
For use in all elementary grades, this portfolio features Love and Roast Chicken: A Trickster Tale (2004) along with laminated discussion prompts, instructions and ideas for making folktale picture books from the author herself, and copies of several illustrations from thumbnail to finished illustration. **This portfolio is available free of charge thanks to our generous donors.**

Myra Cohn Livingston, Poet - » NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME »
For use in all elementary grades, this portfolio introduces the works of one of the best-known contemporary poets for children. It includes original copies of her working manuscripts for three books: Earth Songs (1986), Monkey Puzzle and Other Poems (1984), and A Song I Sang to You (1984) and six copies of each book. (CC)

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Author
Suggested for use in grades five and six, this portfolio features Shiloh, the 1992 Newbery Medal winner. It contains laminated photocopies of the working manuscripts with the author's notes as well as jacket studies by illustrator Lynne Dennis. Six paperback copies of the book accompany the kit. (CC)

Katherine Paterson, Author
Suitable for middle school students, this portfolio features the award-winning author's Park's Quest (1988). It includes laminated photocopies of the working manuscripts as well as copies of the related information and research material provided by the author. Also included are six paperback copies of the book. (CC)

Karen Ritz, Illustrator
Two strong female role models for early elementary-grade readers are featured in Go Free or Die: A Story about Harriet Tubman by Jeri Ferris (1988), and Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express by Margaret Wetterer (1990), both illustrated by Karen Ritz. The kit includes research materials and original artwork as well as a videotape examining aspects of Karen's illustrations and a "Reading Rainbow" videotape of Kate Shelley. Also included are child-tested curriculum ideas and projects, press sheets, and copies of both books donated by publisher Carolrhoda Books, Inc. Ideal for multicultural, historical, and biographical studies. (KR/LL)

Anne Rockwell, Author/Illustrator
Featuring First Comes Spring (1985). This portfolio can be used at any grade level. Showing how a book is created, it includes original manuscript drafts and sketches and finished illustrations and final manuscripts as well as guidelines and suggestions for classroom use. (CC)

Charlotte Zolotow, Author - » NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME »
Suited for use at all grade levels, this slide kit demonstrates the book-making process by focusing on two of the author's works: Someone New, illustrated by Erik Blegvad (1978), and The Quarreling Book, illustrated by Arnold Lobel (1963). Requires
two 20-minute presentation periods. (CC)
Portfolios were prepared by Kerlan volunteers Carmel Conry (CC), Mary Lou Voigt (MLV), Donna Swindal (DS) and Karen Ritz & Lyn Lacy (KR/LL). Written permission to reproduce their works was secured from the participating authors, illustrators, and publishers by the Kerlan staff. Funding for most of these projects was provided by the Kerlan Friends.
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Audiovisual Kits

The audiovisual kits are available for loan at no charge to educators who are able to pick them up at the Kerlan Collection on Mondays or Tuesdays and return them on the following Friday between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M.

Kerlan Collection I
This tape-slide kit for primary grades on the theme that books come from ideas, includes about 90 slides, a 15-minute audiocassette tape, a notebook containing the script and suggested follow-up activities, and the following author/artist materials: Ellen Raskin's drafts and sketches for Franklin Stein (1972), Charles Mikolaycak's drafts and sketches for Babushka (1984), Katherine Paterson's outline for Bridge to Terabitha (1977) and correspondence with her editor.
Kerlan Collection II
This videocassette for junior/senior high students includes a 12-minute VHS cassette, a notebook with suggested follow-up activities, and laminated photocopies of manuscript materials for Carol Ryrie Brink's Caddie Woodlawn (1935).
Both kits were developed by Kerlan volunteer Diana Swanson with funding provided by grants from the Grotto Foundation and the Sven and C. Emil Berglund Foundation.