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April 17, 2014
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Story Papers: 1850 - 1910

Considered by many to be the soap operas of the late 19th century, story papers were published weekly in serial form. Each issue simultaneously ran five or more romances, adventures, or mysteries in various stages of completion. Story papers were marketed to both children and adults and featured serialized stories by authors such as Horatio Alger and Edward S. Ellis.

Several story papers were published in a large-format, newspaper style and featured action-packed illustrated coveres. Boys of New York contained the first appearance of Frank Reade and his steam machines and published science fiction/action stories designed to rival Jules Verne and to provide escape to a pre-radio/television culture.

Boys of New York #520 : (Frank Tousey, 1885)
Boys of New York #520
(Frank Tousey, 1885)
Golden Hours #1: (Norman L. Munro, 1888)
Golden Hours #1
(Norman L. Munro, 1888)
Golden Days #10: (J. Elverson, 1880)
Golden Days #10
(J. Elverson, 1880)