University-Wide: Ownership Policies

Ownership of works produced at the University of Minnesota is often affected by University policies.

The default legal rule is that employers own the copyright of materials produced by their employees in the course of their employment. For many University employees, the Board of Regents' Policy: Copyright and theAdministrative Policy: Copyright Ownership change that default rule. Via those policies, employees who meet a specific definition (faculty or "faculty-like") are granted ownership of their scholarly materials. For other employees, and for non-scholarly output of all employees, the Regents own the copyright.

The Administrative Policy on copyright ownership affirms that students own the copyright in works they produce as part of courses, but that the University, and instructors, may put some conditions on how those works are shared or stored as a condition of enrollment in a course. Where students are employees, their works are generally subject to the same terms as other employees. See more information for students generally or specifically about dissertations and theses.

Policies on Related Topics

Board of Regents' Policy: Commercialization of Intellectual Property Rights

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