Scholarly Publishing

A scholar needs to know about the rights that she has in the works that she creates, and seriously consider the rights publishers need in order to distribute their works, and the rights the scholar herself may want or need to make full use of her own works throughout her career.

The University of Minnesota has two policies that control ownership of material produced by employees (faculty and non-faculty) - the Board of Regents policy, and the Administrative policy. While the policies are quite detailed, fundamentally, they provide that faculty own their works (except for administrative works), employees with faculty-like jobs own their faculty-like work, and the work of employees in neither of those categories is owned by the University.

Please see the Libraries' "Transforming Scholarly Communication" site for extensive information regarding your rights as an author, negotiating with publishers about your rights, the changing nature of scholarly publishing, and a wide range of other issues!

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The CIC author's rights addendum can be a useful tool to spark discussion and negotiation with publishers.