Out of the Studio and into the Streets: Using Design Thinking to Advance Equity and Sustainability

Friday, January 27, 2017 (Live streaming video here)

The emerging field of ‘Design Thinking’ brings design concepts out of the exclusive world of architecture, fashion, graphics, and product/service design, into broader society. Focused on deep listening, user experience and engagement, holistic thinking, creativity, collaboration, and experimentation, this process is now being applied in many areas including: business, education, and health care. It is also being used to address economic inequity, ecological and economic sustainability, and issues relating to cultural, political, and environmental changes. Design thinking has the potential to tap and include creative ideas of the many rather than the few, in a design decision-making process that can help create a common future. How does design thinking engage affected community members in the entire design process (empathy; problem definition; ideation; prototyping, testing)? Join us as we discuss these questions and more with professionals from architecture and urban planning, education, health care, community activism, and the arts.

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