Friday, April 21, 2017 (Live streaming video here)

The umbrella term ‘disability community’ represents a diverse group encompassing a wide range of characteristics, experiences, and perspectives. While some maintain that the concept of ‘disability culture’ strengthens the struggle for disability rights through shared planning and strategizing, others are concerned that solidarity as a larger group may renew historic patterns of discrimination and marginalization. Achieving inclusion is an ongoing struggle, and some argue that ‘disability culture’ is important in celebrating the ‘uniqueness’ of disability, building intersectional alliances across disabilities, race, gender, sexuality, and class, among other social identities, and advancing an agenda for rights and recognition. Scholar and activist Carol Gill writes, “As disabled people recognize and appreciate their shared social experience, this growing group identity forms the foundation of a counter-culture disability pride movement analogous historically to the cultural efforts of other minority groups in their search for unity and positive identity.” Engage in a conversation with diverse panelists from the disability community to gain greater understanding of the implications of disability culture within disabled communities and for American culture at large.

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