Friday, October 21, 2016 (Live streaming video here)

In the wake of creating societal change, social justice movements also experience change from within. Historically in the United States, LGBTQ Indigenous and People of color activists, organizers, and change makers have been marginalized and tokenized by white voices within the LGBTQIA Community. As QIPOC and many allies work to change that narrative, we see a shift toward building a more intersectional movement. In 2011, the Pfund Foundation hosted the “Bold Gathering,” which brought LGBT POC people together to “build political power and change the course of the LGBT movement," (Ari Gutiérrez, co-founder of LA-based Honor PAC and Latino Equality Alliance). More recently, the April 2015 Upper Midwest “Creating Space” Queer Indigenous and People of Color Conference drew over 300 participants for the sake of advancing an agenda focused on the intersections of race, economic equity, and gender identity. Now, this October conversation brings together a stellar group of QIPOC voices representing the strength of activism, the intelligence of social commentary, and strategic elements of fundraising, policy, and organizing. These new leaders are challenging the LGBTQ Movement to replace what has been a “Just-us” (white) agenda with a new Justice agenda.


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