ProQuest Statistical Datasets is the Academic Search Premier of statistical sources. It has a bit of everything in it, it lets you do some kinds of statistical work and it's a good place to start the statistical portion of your research.

Use it When:

  • you're not sure where to start
  • you need to do a little graphing or a little modification to a table
  • you need trends or ranked statistics


  • once you've learned how it works, you can use it again for other statistics
  • it will create citations for you
  • you can link to the exact version of the table you find and any modifications you made and then add that link to your citation
  • you can export the table you find to make an image to include in your paper or to work on in other software

How it Works


  • Direct Export to Refworks doesn't work very well. Better to copy the citation from Datasets and add to Refworks manually. Might as well add the link to the table while you're at it!
  • Even on Macs, where the Command button is used instead of the Control button, you have to use Control to select multiple datasets.