Every student, staff, and researcher at the University of Minnesota has access to networked, backed up data storage. Campus storage options are better than DIY approaches, like storing data on external hard drives, because they are protected, monitored, and well backed-up.

Self Help Options

  1. Compare options for U of M data storage using the Data Storage Selection Tool.
  2. Not sure where to start, reach out to the Storage Champion Network.
  3. Sensitive data concerns? Use this questionaire tool to identify the secuirty classification for your data.

Google Drive: free, backed-up, and unlimited

U of M affiliates have unlimited data storage on Google Drive. This is not recommended for sensitive or highly restricted data.

Get started with Google Drive

Box: sensitive storage

Box Secure Storage is a secure environment intended for storing, sharing and accessing sensitive and private-highly restricted files.

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3-2-1 rule of backup

If you are going to storage your own data on personal device, consider using the 3-2-1 rule for backup.

  • 3 separate copies of the data
  • 2 different storage media devices (e.g., a working copy on your laptop and a backup copy on the cloud)
  • 1 copy must be physically off-site from your location (in case of natural disaster, fire, theft, etc.)

Need help?

Contact us with your questions and we will consult with you or point you to the right person, resource, or service on campus.https://it.umn.edu/experts-communities/storage-champion-network