Tools and Services

Data management tools exist across campus. Please contact the library to learning about potential services that might be right for your data.

University Libraries Data Services

As information specialists, the libraries have been dealing with issues of digital curation, including preservation and perpetual access, for many decades. Our services focus on the sharing and reuse of research data.

See also the Libraries Research Support Services includes: grant discovery tools, 24-7 reference chat, digitization services, and preservation techniques.

Additional Services on Campus

Office of Information Technology

  • Computing and network services include: storage, backup, server support, database administration.
  • Tutorials on Netfiles (campus server space for each UMN member) and Google Apps Collaboration Tools.
  • Workshops available throughout the semester on Excel, Access, GIS mapping, and more.

Office of the Vice President of Research (funding information, forms and grant support.
Academic Health Center (secure, on-site data storage, anonymization techniques)
College of Liberal Arts OIT (research support for digital arts and humanities)
Clinical and Interdisciplinary Informatics (consultation, data analysis)
Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (high-performance computing resources, tutorials)
Office of Technology Commercialization (patentable research discoveries)

Do you have a service available to researchers on campus? Interested in networking with other service providers? Join the UMN's informal Community of Practice (CoP) on Research Data Management.

Quick Information

Download a brochure of Data Management services.

Contact: Lisa Johnston,
Data Management Program Coordinator