The library offers free drop-in workshops on data management best practices periodically throughout the year. More information about these workshops is given below. See the list of workshops to register for the next available session(s) or view recorded sessions below.

Summer 2017 Bootcamp August 24-25, 2017

The third bi-annual Data Management Bootcamp is open for registration. More details and registration links

Online Data Management Course

Online Version Freely Available

This course combines online video lessons and hands-on workshops throughout the semester. The Data Management Course was part of an IMLS grant-funded project and designed for graduate students currently enrolled at the UMN. The training modules are freely available for anyone to view and download. Modules include:

  1. Introduction to Data Management (5 min)
  2. How to Inventory, Store, and Backup Your Data (4 min)
  3. How to Create Data that You (and Others) can Understand (5 min 30 sec)
  4. How to Navigate Rights and Ownership of your Research Data (9 min)
  5. How to Share Your Data and Ethically Reuse Data Created by Others (4 min 30 sec)
  6. How to Digitally Preserve Your Data for the Future (5 min 30 sec)
  7. Complete Your DMP (5 min)

Creating a Data Management Plan

This workshop, geared toward faculty and researchers, will provide an overview of the questions to consider when creating a data management plan with a focus on data preservation issues and tools for sharing your data. This workshop is discussion-based and works through each of the data management topics via group and paired activities.

Request a Session

This library workshop is offered periodically throughout the year as a 1.5 hour session. If you are interested in scheduling a session for your department or research group, please contact instructor Lisa Johnston.

Workshop Materials

Watch a recording of this session from January 8, 2014 at the UMN Office of Nursing Scholarship meeting.
Related handouts:

How to Share Your Data

Learn about the access conditions, licenses, and ownerership and copyright considerations for sharing your digital research data. 

Watch a Slideshow 

Data Management for Graduate Students

Establishing a foundation of good data management practices early in a researcher’s career is critical to shaping long-term habits. This workshop focuses on graduate students and discusses best practices through relevant disciplinary examples.

Workshop Materials

Watch a recording of this session from our August 22, 2012 session.

Additional Training Opportunities on Campus

There are numerous additional opportunities around campus that provide training related to data management. The following links provide more information, where interested:

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