Statement of Purpose

The Digitization Review Group, in cooperation with Digital Library Services (DLS), is soliciting proposals from all Libraries units for projects to digitize analog materials in all formats. The purpose of the projects may be to enable or increase access to content, to preserve the content of rare, fragile, or at-risk collections, or both reasons.

Project Selection

The Digitization Review Group is charged with evaluating proposals and establishing the necessary project priorities. Through this digitization program, we intend to provide patrons with greater access to our own unique, distinctive collections by focusing exclusively on those materials that fall outside the scope of the Google Digitization Program. More information about about filling out a proposal can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Review Period

The group will solicit proposals twice each year.

Current Projects

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact either Mary E. Miller or Jason Roy if you have any questions about the Strategic Digitization Program or the project proposal process.