The Strategic Digitization Program's selection committee has supported funding the following projects. Digital Library Services staff are currently working with the project sponsors on establishing a timeline for digitization.


  • Increased Access to Audio from Robert Bly Papers
    The Upper Midwest Literary Archives (UMLA) preserves unique materials related to the literary history of the upper midwest, including the papers of poet Robert Bly. Bly’s archives includes an extensive collection of rare audio recordings on decaying formats.
    Department: Upper Midwest Literary Archives
    Project Sponsor: Cecily Marcus
  • Street and Smith Dime Novel Collections
    This project will digitize the approximately 2,700 pre-1930 dime novels
    Department: Children's Literature Research Collections
    Project Sponsor: Caitlin Marineau
  • James Ford Bell Library's Archival Collections
    This project will digitize, in its entirety, all of the archival collections held by the James Ford Bell Library.
    Department: James Ford Bell Library
    Project Sponsor: Marguerite Ragnow
  • Cloquet Forestry Center Historical Photographs
    This project seeks to digitize approximately 650 of photographs documenting the Cloquet Forestry Center from 1910-1970. Images include photographs of directors, center staff, research projects, and Minnesota forest scenes. Of particular note are photographs documenting the devastation of the 1918 Hinckley Fire.
    Department: University Archives
    Project Sponsor: Erik Moore


  • Historical Maps, pre-1928
    This project will digitize approximately 3,000 maps from the collections of the Borchert Map Library.
    Department: Borchert Map Library
    Project Sponsor: Ryan Mattke
  • Hugo Salazar and Edda de los Rios Latin American Theater Video Collection Addendum
    A small project which aims to preserve Prof. Luis Ramos-Garcia's collection of filmed theater performances first recorded on VHS tapes.
    Department: Wilson Library
    Project Sponsor: Rafael Tarrago
  • Music Library Historical Hymnal and Tune Book Collection
    This project will digitize the entire pre-1923 collection of historic hymnals and tune books.
    Department: Music Library
    Project Sponsor: Jessica Abbazio