The Strategic Digitization Program's selection committee has supported funding the following projects. Digital Library Services staff are currently working with the project sponsors on establishing a timeline for digitization.


  • Local Book Digitization Pilot Project
    The University of Minnesota Libraries seeks to digitize upwards of 1,500 volumes from its general collections. These volumes represent areas of particular collection strength for the libraries and as such, we seek the opportunity to share these works more broadly to users. Materials will be paper-based, primarily textual materials such as books, pamphlets, and other bound volumes from the University's circulating and closed stacks collections. All materials within the scope of this project were published prior to 1923.
  • IHRC Archives Fragile Newspapers
    The IHRCA are in desperate need of having our fragile newspaper section digitized to provide access to on-site and off-site researchers before they decay irreversibly. There are approximately 180 titles in 134 newspaper boxes. The majority of the newspapers are in languages like Italian, Ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian, Latvian, Slovak, Russian and Finnish.
    Department: Immigration History Research Center Archives
    Project Sponsor: Sara Wakefield
  • Music Library Historical Hymnal and Tune Book Collection
    This project will digitize the entire pre-1923 collection of historic hymnals and tune books.
    Department: Music Library
    Project Sponsor: Tim Maloney
  • Nurserymen's Plate-books
    AHL's collection of nurserymen's plate-books is one of the largest in the country with approximately 100 items. Also included in the collection are another 100 loose plates or plates in small groups of 6 or less. The collection is a distinct subset of AHL's Historic Seed & Nursery Catalog Collection. Plate-books were marketing tools for the nurserymen of the late 19th & early 20th centuries. They contained color images of fruits, roses, etc. that reflected a nursery’s current inventory available for sale.
    Department: Andersen Horticultural Library
    Project Sponsor: Kathy Allen
  • Don Harley Papers – Automotive Drawings
    The Don Harley papers are a unique collection of innovative, forward thinking inventions. This project would focus on the automotive section of this collection; approximately 400 drawings.
    Department: Northwest Architectural Archives
    Project Sponsor: Cheryll Fong
  • Wrapping up Digitizing the Minnesota Extension Collection
    Continue to digitize the older Extension Newsletter titles
    Department: Magrath Library
    Project Sponsor: Marlys McGuire
  • Digitization of various historical materials related to the Itasca Biological Field Station and Laboratories
    Department: Magrath Library
    Project Sponsor: Julie Kelly
  • Dairy and Swine conference proceedings
    5 additional swine proceedings (1993-97), as well as 10 proceedings (1981-90) of the Dairy Herd Health Programming Conference, which was the previous title for the Dairy conference.
    Department: Veterinary Medicine Library
    Project Sponsor: Andre Nault
  • School of Journalism Departmental Publications
    The School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) keeps a historical collection of department publications that include alumni newsletters, student magazines, lectures, bibliographies, speeches, bulletins of courses, and other miscellaneous publications. They document the history of the department and are consulted for organizing events and for responding to public inquiries about alumni.
    Department: Journalism Library
    Project Sponsor: Van Houlson


  • 1888 Twin Cities Map
    This map shows property owners for the Twin Cities area in 1888.
    Department: John Borchert Map Library
    Project Sponsor: Ryan Mattke
  • CURA Publications
    2,200 publications produced by the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) at the University of Minnesota
    Department: University Archives
    Project Sponsor: Erik Moore
  • Rabbi Harold H. Gordon papers
    Photographs from the scrapbooks of the Rabbi Harold H. Gordon papers. Rabbi Gordon served as a military chaplain for the U.S. Army Air Force, first joining in 1942 and serving throughout World War II. After the war he was offered a new assignment as Circuit Chaplain for the North Atlantic Division of the Air Transport command; during this period he earned his nickname ""Flying Jewish Chaplain."" During this period he logged over 200,000 miles of flying to bring spiritual guidance to members of the Armed Forces.
    Department: Upper Midwest Jewish Archives
    Project Sponsor: Kate Dietrich
  • Henry Street Music School photographs and scrapbooks
    Photographs, programs and clippings of children's and adult's classes, musical groups and productions at the Henry Street Settlement Music School, which was located on the Lower East Side of New York. Most date from the 1930s-1950s.
    Department: Social Welfare History Archive Project
    Sponsor: Linnea Anderson
  • Met Council Oversized Maps
    These maps were the basis for the 1969 report "An Ecological Study of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area," which provided a framework for land use planning throughout the metro area.
    Department: John Borchert Map Library
    Project Sponsor: Ryan Mattke
  • Minnesota Animal Nutrition Conference (title varies)
    60th (1999) - 73rd (2012) conference proceedings. Proceeding is sponsored by Extension Service and CFANS, Dept. of Animal Science.
    Department: Magrath Library Project Sponsor: Marlys McGuire
  • United Neighborhood Houses of New York, Inc. Scrapbooks
    30 scrapbooks that formed the early record filing system of the United Neighborhood Houses of New York, Inc (UNH), a federation of New York City settlement houses.
    Department: Social Welfare History Archive Project
    Sponsor: Linnea Anderson
  • William French Furniture Company Collection – Stock Drawings
    The stock series in the William French Furniture Company Collection are drawings on oversized architectural sheets that provide both the design and the measurements for the furnishings created by the company from 1924-1931.
    Department: Northwest Architectural Archives
    Project Sponsor: Cheryll Fong
  • Extension Service Publications in Audio Visual Format
    Several titles on cassette tapes and 35mm slides.
    Department: Magrath Library
    Project Sponsor: Marlys McGuire
  • Project Girl Research Data Cards Scanning (pending review)
    Scanning an estimated 15,000-17,000 "McBee" format research data cards recording information on the lives of adolescent girls in the early 1970s. The scanning would be part of a project to have these cards crowd transcribed to build a database that would allow researchers to reuse this valuable data.
    Department: Social Welfare History Archives
    Project Sponsor: Linnea Andersen