University Libraries

Strategic Digitization Program -- Current Projects

The Strategic Digitization Program's selection committee has supported funding the following projects. Digital Library Services staff are currently working with the project sponsors on establishing a timeline for digitization.


  • Local Book Digitization Pilot Project
    The University of Minnesota Libraries seeks to digitize upwards of 1,500 volumes from its general collections. These volumes represent areas of particular collection strength for the libraries and as such, we seek the opportunity to share these works more broadly to users. Materials will be paper-based, primarily textual materials such as books, pamphlets, and other bound volumes from the University's circulating and closed stacks collections. All materials within the scope of this project were published prior to 1923.

  • Ames Library of South Asia Maps
    This project would highlight a truly unique collection of maps -- those received from the Ames Library of South Asia. These maps were collected by Charles Ames during his travels in Asia over a period of 50 years. These maps are also of great historical value, as they date between 1540 and 1963.

    Department: John R. Borchert Map Library
    Project Sponsor: Ryan Mattke

  • Theses & Dissertations in the University Archives, pre-1923
    This project is the first step in a multiphase project to identify dissertations and theses in the University Archives collections that are within the public domain and thus may be digitized and placed in the institutional repository, the University Digital Conservancy, without the need of a signed deposit agreement. The first phase as described in this proposal will be to digitize all pre-1923 theses and dissertations published at the University of Minnesota from 1887 through 1922.

    Department: University Archives
    Project Sponsor: Erik Moore

  • Medical Recipe Manuscripts (part 1 and 2)
    The Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine has a number of medical/culinary manuscript receipt (recipe) books in its collections. These complex manuscripts, compiled volumes of culinary, household, cosmetic and medical recipes span the 16th-19th c. and are rich resources for understanding pre-modern communities. This project proposes to digitize 14 of medical recipe books.

    Department: Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine
    Project Sponsor: Lois Hendrickson

  • University Archives – People Photo Files
    The University of Minnesota Archives holds tens of thousands of photographic materials documenting all aspects of the University's history. A major series of these images include photographic reference prints of individual faculty, administrators, and staff. These are often referred to as our "people photo files." We propose to digitize the entire series of photographic prints of people (approximately 7,500 items).

    Department: University Archives
    Project Sponsor: Erik Moore

  • IHRC Archives Fragile Newspapers
    The IHRCA are in desperate need of having our fragile newspaper section digitized to provide access to on-site and off-site researchers before they decay irreversibly. There are approximately 180 titles in 134 newspaper boxes. The majority of the newspapers are in languages like Italian, Ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian, Latvian, Slovak, Russian and Finnish.

    Department: Immigration History Research Center Archives
    Project Sponsor: Sara Wakefield

  • Spanish American Political Texts
    Digitization of the journal "Ideologies & Literature." This journal was published at the Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Minnesota from 1976 to 1988 and had great impact among Latin American studies scholars in the US and abroad, promoting the concept of the politically committed scholar.

    Department: Wilson Library
    Project Sponsor: Rafael Tarrago


  • Wildflower Studies - Emma Roberts & Agnes Williams
    Digitize more than 300 beautiful wildflower watercolor paintings from the 1880s and 1890s. They were painted by the sister and second wife of Thomas Sadler Roberts, Bell Museum curator, ornithologist, and author of Birds of Minnesota. They are extremely fragile, the more use they get the more they are deteriorating.

    Department: Andersen Horticultural Library
    Project Sponsor: Kathy Allen

  • Records of the YWCA of Minneapolis
    Project would scan selected scrapbooks, minutes, photographs and program files from the YWCA of Minneapolis Records.

    Department: Social Welfare History Archive
    Project Sponsor: Linnea Anderson

  • Bound Maps
    This project will digitize a unique collection of materials that are otherwise not very accessible. Bound maps are maps that are dissected, mounted on cloth, and bound within covers. As such, they tend to be quite large when unfolded and, therefore, not not as usable as other maps.

    Department: Borchert Map Library
    Project Sponsor: Ryan Mattke

  • Rare Atlases
    This project would digitize a 19 rare atlases from our collection that are otherwise not very accessible.

    Department: Borchert Map Library
    Project Sponsor: Ryan Mattke

  • YMCA International Work in Palestine/Israel
    YMCA International Work in Palestine/Israel, 21 cubic feet (27 boxes); 1885, 1905-2003 (bulk 1920-1999)

    Department: Kautz Family YMCA Archives
    Project Sponsor: Lara Friedman Shedlov

  • Stock Plan Books
    The collection in the Northwest Architectural Archives covers an incredibly diverse variety of publishers, styles and eras. We have selected titles that represent this diversity and have included all qualifying volumes (by date) that were published by local (MN) architects, authors or companies. A total of 70 volumes have been included in this project.

    Department: Northwest Architectural Archives
    Project Sponsor: Barb Bezat

  • GAZE Magazine and TV show
    This project would digitize a 10 year run of a local GLBT newspaper and several years worth of the companion television show.

    Department: Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies
    Project Sponsor: Lisa Vecoli