Creating and validating checksums is a method used to determine if files have changed over time and are useful for documenting integrity and authenticity of digital files.

Checksum Tools

The main purpose of these tools is to create and/or verify checksum values.

  • Exact File

    Create and verify checksum values over time on single or multiple files. Choose from multiple checksum algorithms. (Windows only)

  • HashCheck

    Create checksums using multiple algorithms at the same time; verify checksums with saved logs.  (Windows only)

  • HashMyFiles
    Create checksums using multiple algorithms at the same time. Identify duplicate files. (Windows only)

Other Tools

These tools can also generate checksums; however this is not their main function.


    Especially useful in better understanding the composition of a folder of files, the main purpose of DROID is to identify file formats. During the process of file format identification file metadata is captured and checksums, if desired, can also be created and used to find duplicate files. (Multiple operating systems)

  • Karen's Directory Printer

    Document selected folder and file properties within a selected directory. Checksums can also be calculated. (Windows only)

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