Created by University of Minnesota Libraries staff while researching possible tools for processing, managing, and preserving electronic records, these guides describe the main purpose of the tool or program, where it can be found, and how to use the tool. They may also explain a possible workflow or solution to an electronic records process. It is hoped that by sharing our explorations, others will be able to more quickly test and evaluate options for themselves.

Note: The tools or programs listed on this page are provided for information only and are not endorsed or necessarily used by the University of Minnesota Libraries.

Below, the guides have been organized by resource function. Some guides are listed more than once as they may be used for multiple purposes. A Quick Reference Guide that lists the tools in alphabetical order, the tools purpose, a brief description, and download link is also available.
*A complete list of guides can be found on the sidebar or at bottom of this page (based on your screen size).

Categories include:

  • Bulk Processing: Tools that assist with processing multiple files at a time. Such as for renaming files, or monitoring metadata.
  • Checksums: Tools available for creating and/or verifying the integrity or authenticity of files.
  • File Duplication Detection: Tools that identify duplicate files.
  • Metadata Tools: Tools that assist with identifying metadata quality and completeness.
  • Miscellaneous: Tools that do not fall into the above categories but may assist with addressing various needs when working with digital materials.

Page last modified October 3, 2019.