Metadata Tools

Documenting and capturing metadata is an important aspect when working with digital records. Some of these processes are manual others can be automated. Different types of metadata are needed for different functions.

  • Data Accessioner

    Transfer files from one media to another and capture descriptive and technical metadata in the process. MD5 checksums are used to verify the transfer. Most useful when files are part of an accession. (Multiple operating systems)

  • Metadata Quality Control

    Compare metadata fields to verify technical and administrative specifications of files. Tool is useful for performing quality control tasks especially on the batch level. (Multiple operating systems)

  • NARA File Analyzer

    Analyze the contents of a folder or drive and export the results as a .txt file. Among other things the program can be used to count the number of files by file type, create a directory listing, and generate checksums. (Multiple operating systems)

Page last modified October 3, 2019