Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG)

After you enter new Online TLG you must create your own TLG login and password (NOT your UofM password!) Protect your U of M identity

DO NOT USE your U of M ID in TLG.

Enter the TLG site:TLG

The fine print:

The new TLG interface will run concurrently with the previous version to allow users time to explore the new features. Help files are available and video tutorials are coming soon.

Features Equipped with an expanded search engine and a host of new features, the new TLG represents a marked change from the earlier version. Canon and text searches have been redesigned and new tools have been added. Included in this release are n-grams and statistical analysis, two research projects that we will continue to develop for years to come. New online lexica have been added as well as vocabulary tools (including flash cards and word lists).