The University Libraries are committed to supporting the digitally enhanced learning environment by providing innovative solutions to integrate library content and services into existing and future course environments. We currently offer a variety of services that can be customized to meet the needs of a particular class or an assignment. 

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Unizin Engage Pilot

The University Libraries along with partners in the Office of Information Technology, the Center for Educational Innovation, and the University Bookstores is providing access to the Unizin Engage platform in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017.  Engage is a digital content platform that allows faculty to organize, deliver, and measure the uses of open and licensed content for a course. Engage student-course pricing is designed to provide significant savings due to the “All Student Acquire” model. Unizin publisher agreements provide aggressive discounts for students - often 50% off new textbook pricing.

Benefits include:
  • Lower costs of publisher materials to students
  • Access to publisher content on the first day of class
  • All students have the same content, rather than an older version of text
  • Direct integration with Moodle or Canvas, providing students with single sign on access to course material
  • Additional tools for engagement with teachers and students - content based Q&A, content analytics on reading time, notes taken, and questions posed

Contact to discuss publisher availability, use of openly licensed ornon-textbook content in the Engage environment, or any questions you might have for us!


Digital Course Packs

Digital Course Packs
  • Work with the University Libraries to create your own Digital Course Pack containing library licensed materials, copyrighted materials, and freely available materials all in one place.  Librarians can help and save you time by identifying quality, affordable course content options for you to review.
  • The University Libraries' Digital Course Pack project streamlines the course content creation process to make it easier for faculty and students to get the materials they need for success.
  • Digital Course Packs also help save students money by utilizing materials already owned by the libraries.
  • Digital Course Packs also integrate with Moodle!


Open Textbooks and Open Educational Resources

Open Textbooks
  • We can help you find freely available and openly licensed open textbooks and open educational resources for your course.
  • We can also help you publish instructional content for your course in the form of an open textbook or open educational resource.
  • Please see our list of published open textbooks. More titles are coming soon.
  • Visit the Open Textbook Library for a curated list of open textbooks from around the world.

Content Discovery and Acquisition

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  • We can help instructors find course content and materials already purchased through the University Libraries.
  • The Libraries have access to thousands and thousands of full-text databases, journals, and e-books that can easily be integrated into your course environment.
  • Work with the University Libraries eLearning and collections/liaison teams to identify content for purchase for your course.
  • Utilizing library content saves students money.


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