Can University of Minnesota alumni access your databases and e-journals from outside the library?


Alumni Access Databases

Membership in the Alumni Association provides access to two databases licensed especially for members: Academic Search Alumni Edition and Business Source Alumni Edition. Active Alumni Assocation members may access these databases via the UMAA website

Remote Use of Other Licensed Resources

Due to vendor licensing restrictions, access to the Libraries' other licensed indexes and ejournals from outside a University library is limited to current students (in credit-earning courses), staff, and faculty at the University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities. This is a non-negotiable part of the contracts we sign, and there are no fee-for-access options for persons not affiliated with the University. However, on-site access to most licensed content is available to all users..

See our list of library locations and hours to visit a convenient library near you. Ask for assistance at any service point to request a guest pass good for up to two hours of computer access per day.




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