Can University of Minnesota alumni access your databases and e-journals from outside the library?


Membership in the Alumni Association includes access to two databases licensed especially for members. These databases are called "Academic Search Alumni Edition" and "Business Source Premier Alumni Edition." They contain full text from over 2500 ejournals and magazines. (For a complete list of titles included in these databases go to and scroll down to the "Publications include" section). To access Academic Search Alumni Edition and Business Source Premier Alumni Edition: - Go to: - If this is your first time using these resources click on "First time users, click here for registration instructions." - Otherwise, click on the link to one of the alumni databases and log in using your University Internet ID & password. REMOTE USE OF OTHER ELECTRONIC RESOURCES Due to vendor licensing restrictions, access to the Libraries' other licensed indexes and ejournals from outside a University library is limited to current students (in credit-earning courses), staff, and faculty at the University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities. This is a non-negotiable part of the contracts we sign, and there are no fee-for-access options for persons not affiliated with the University. However, on-site access to most of these titles is available to all users from within a University library. We have structured our contracts to make this possible. A list of library locations and hours is available here: There are also a number of free (non-license-related) indexes available to everyone listed at


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