Can graduate students who are working on their theses or dissertations but are not currently enrolled in courses check out books, use interlibrary loan, or access library databases?


Graduate School students holding active student status receive full library privileges, including remote access to licensed library resources. Note that, according to the Graduate School registration policy, students must be registered every fall and spring term to maintain their active student status. The Graduate School's web site describes the registration policy and registration options (e.g., thesis credits or Grad 999 - a zero-credit, zero-fee, non-graded registration option) that satisfy the registration requirement. Students who are registered for spring term will have access during summer term, even if they are not registered during the summer. Graduate students who do not register through the Graduate School, and who are working on a thesis or dissertation but are not currently enrolled in courses, may still be eligible to receive full library privileges. For this you will need to complete the University Libraries' "Unregistered Graduate Student" form, which ultimately needs to be approved by your faculty advisor. Although the University currently keeps student email accounts active (at no charge) for up to 5 years after the last registration, this extension of email privileges does not include remote access to licensed library resources. To comply with our binding publisher license agreements, library access rights as reflected in one's University Internet account expire at the end of the last semester for which one is registered.


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