How do I find out which journals, magazines or newspapers the University Libraries subscribes to (online or in print)?


Use the Journals tab to search by the publication title of the journal, magazine or newspaper you are interested in.

While the University Libraries do not maintain a printed list of the journals in its collections, MNCAT, the University Libraries' online catalog, provides access to records for ALL journals owned in the Twin Cities campus libraries (print and online).

In general, the journal records in MNCAT will tell you which volumes and issues are owned and the library locations for them, whether specific volumes are checked out and when they are due back, and what formats a specific journal is available in (such as print, electronic, or microfilm).

TIP: This searches only publication titles (e.g. New York Times, Journal of Psychology) not individual articles -- you need to go to the database to search for individual articles.

TIP: If you know the exact article you are looking for (e.g. have citation information) you can use the Citation Linker.


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