How do I find salary data for University employees past and present?


Current salary data

Access the Reporting Center by visiting MyU and clicking on “Key Links” or by going directly to the Reporting Center.

  1. Go to MyU
  2. Log in
  3. Click on Key Links.
  4. Click on Reporting Center.
  5. In the Human Resources section, click on Workforce Analysis, and then on Compensation
  6. Click on Employee NHBR Job Code Average Salary.
  7. Click on Select a College.
  8. Select the department or area in which you are interested, and follow the prompts.
  9. To find average salaries for a job classification, select job code(s) and submit.

To find individual salaries click find the Personnel Basic Information link (nested in the HR/Benefits submenu -- under HR Operational) from the Human Resources page.  Here you can enter the employee's ID.  

Non-University researchers can access salary data by contacting the University Libraries' reference service for requests of three or less.

For summary or trend data, contact Payroll Services, U of Minnesota Office of Human Resources, at 612-624-8647.

             For additional informmation see:  Minnesota Government Data Practices Act

Historical budget information

University Archives holds University budgets in print form from 1911 to 2009. Information in the budgets can be accessed by employee name and by department, school, or college. Contact our office if you have questions or would like to schedule a visit to use the budgets.

University budgets from 1911-1969 are available in the University Budgets collection in the University Digital Conservancy. These budgets provide detail at the department level for salaries of faculty and staff and may include other departmental expenses such as supplies, equipment, facilities, etc. A volume for an individual fiscal year also may include a staff index, department index, fund index, budget code list, budget summary statement, or income summary.


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