Where can I find information on University of Minnesota buildings?


Maps, addresses, and photographs of current buildings are available on the Twin Cities Campus Maps page.

For historical information, University of Minnesota Archives has card indexes, campus maps, blueprints, directories, photographs, and building files with information about University of Minnesota buildings located on the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses. Details that may be available in these files are:

  • year built
  • name changes to building
  • year razed (if applicable)
  • architect (when known)
  • floor plans
  • blueprints
  • dedication programs
  • news clippings from local newspapers and/or the Minnesota Daily.
  • Photographs of most Twin Cities Campus buildings before ca. 1960. These are black and white images and include construction photos for many buildings.

Additional information is available online in the University Digital Conservancy in the form of fully digitized, searchable materials.

Please contact University Archives staff to set up an appointment to review building files.


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