Where can I view DVD or VHS videos, or use a VCR?


Equipment for viewing various video formats is available at multiple locations in East Bank, West Bank, and St. Paul Libraries.

East Bank

  • Bio-Medical Library: 4 VCRs are available on the 2nd floor of the Biomedical Library .
  • SMART Learning Commons: Located in 204 Walter Library, this facility has 2 solo viewing stations (1 region-free VCR with TV, 1 region-free DVD player connected to TV), and a Mac workstation with standalone VCR and DVD players used for conversion. The media viewing room has a 65" plasma screen TV connected to a cabinet with VCR, Blu-ray player (DVD capable), and receiver for group viewing. Students can also use any workstation in Walter Library for DVD viewing. Conversion of VHS tapes is possible in the Walter SMART Commons, which has one analog/digital video conversion station. For more information about video equipment and production services, see the SMART Learning Commons page

West Bank

  • Wilson Library: A VCR for in-room use is located on the north side of the basement in Wilson Periodicals. You can sign out the key to the carrel at the Wilson Basement Exit.
  • Music Library: 3 VCRs are available for library material use only. The VCRs are located in the Listening area just before the stacks.

St Paul

  • Magrath Library: 4 TVs with VCRs attached to them, and one also has a DVD player. All have headphones set up for use with them and one of the TVs has a split headphone jack to allow two people to listen at the same time. All of the workstations in Magrath run any normal video DVD. For small group viewing, there is a Monitor and VCR/DVD player with VGA/HDMI inputs in Magrath Media Viewing Room 80. The room may be reserved by filling out the reservation form found here .
    For group viewing, there is a TV and VCR in the Magrath basement study room (B55). The key to this room is available at the Magrath Circulation desk.
  • The Natural Resources Library in 375 Hodson Hall has a VHS/DVD player available for in-library use. The Plant Pathology Library in 395 Borlaug Hall has a VHS player.


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