Where is the fiction area in the library? Do you have fun books?


Virtually all our fiction is in Wilson Library. If you know a specific book or author you are looking for, search MNCAT Discovery to find the exact location. 

We have small popular fiction collections in Wilson Library, first floor and in Walter Library, Great Hall (Many of these items are not in the library catalog so we suggest browsing the shelves). You can also find fun book recommendations by watching our Read This Book! videos or ask the Libraries' Book Matchmakers. Public Libraries are also good alternative. The public libraries nearest to campus include Southeast Library (Minneapolis) and St. Anthony Park Library (St. Paul).

Where is most of the fiction located in Wilson Library?

Unlike a bookstore, the books are not shelved by genre (e.g. mystery, science fiction), and instead the location depends on the nationality and time period of the author. In Wilson, the majority of fiction books are located on the 2nd floor. For example, American authors are located in the PS call number range and British authors in the PR call number range. 

How can I find fiction with certain theme or dealing with certain subjects?

If you are looking for fiction (novels or short stories) on a specific theme, you can try doing a library catalog search such as: baseball and fiction or doing a subject search with fiction as the subheading, such as "farm life--fiction," "fathers and sons--fiction." Tip: We have specific tools for finding short stories and we also have online literature databases.


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