How do I find biographical information about a person?


For well-known/famous people:

  • Search MNCAT for books about the person.
  • Search Tips:
    1. Type the person's name in the search box -- type the last name (surname) first, followed by the person's given name (i.e., Lincoln, Abraham).
    2. Change the "That Contain My Query Words" drop down menu (under the search box) to "With My Exact Phrase."
    3. Change the "Anywhere In The Record" drop down menu (under the search box) to "In Subject."
    4. Click Search.

For people less well-known:

For former students and employees of the University of Minnesota:

The University of Minnesota Archives has a wide variety of materials on students, staff and faculty of the UMN. Many items useful to biographical research are available digitally, most print materials are available to be viewed on-site by appointment. For more information on conducting biographical research through the University of Minnesota Archives please see: How can I find out more about someone who used to attend or work at the University of Minnesota?


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